Winter Weddings: The coolest way to tie the knot this 2018

Its rare to see weddings been planned for winter. The reason isn’t far fetched. The weather temperatures and cloudy skies makes it almost impossible for everything to go as planned (except if the weather uncertainty is part of your grand plan). That said, there may be some benefits of having your wedding date set during this period


No make-up sweats: lets leave the groom aside for a second and focus on the bride. It’s expected that several hours of hard work would be put into getting her ready; from her hair to her outfit and finally to her makeup. Despite all the hours put in, a walk in the sun for less than a minute and the whole thing gets washed off by sweat or even worse, it gets disoriented and cakey. If your wedding is scheduled for a cooler time, you may get through your day without having to think of this.

It’s almost impossible to have a cool friendly weather in sunnier climates (imagine people in suits on a hot summer afternoon); however, a cooler climate wedding would be perfect for the couple and the guests.

Beat that New Year drag: the absence of social activities in the early months of the year makes it seem like it is unending. Scheduling your wedding for this period might just be the perfect excuse you need to get your social life back on early in the year. Also, the massive sales that is usually done in January can go a long way to help you party with a limited budget.

The scenery: It is no longer news that the countries in Asia that host winter months have some of the best scenery that could really make the event a memorable one. Imagine a scene with mountain hilltops, and steaming hot springs on a day that is supposed to be one of the most important days of your life. A scene that truly befits the occasion!

We have abundant warmer temperatures hence the constant use of beaches as a wedding location. We have taken our time to highlight some amazing places for you to choose from whenever you decide to tie the knot.

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