Recipe for a Memorable Speech at a Wedding Reception

While the actual wedding ceremony in the church is where marital vows are exchanged which makes it the highlight of the entire event, it will interest you to find that everyone often looks forward to the wedding reception. The wedding reception is everyone favorite part of a wedding because of the exciting variety of programs, activities, and delicacies. Many couples are enthusiastic about romantic slow dancing, drinking fine wine and listening to some of the most memorable speeches.
Even when you have everything in place for a wonderful wedding reception, you can be sure everything will seem empty and incomplete without speeches. It is expected that the best man, maid of honor and a handful of close friends and relatives give a speech at the reception.
A good speech at a wedding reception could be hilarious, motivational, or both. Essentially, you must be able to engage the audience while giving a speech that is unforgettable. While this might seem like an impossible feat for most people, the following guidelines will equip you to deliver on the most captivating and memorable wedding reception speech ever!

* Have a written note: Many people assume that it is best to give a spontaneous speech or at least, make a speech appear spontaneous by talking without any notes. Let me reassure you that this is not a good move. Giving a speech without notes will often result in a lot of incoherence and mistakes. In worse cases, you may wind up saying things that you never intended to say. Therefore, it is advisable that you have a note to help you into a confident and engaging start while leading you through to every hilarious detail to a grand finish.
* Tailor your speech for the crowd: It is important that you have a clear insight into the composition of the crowd and to tailor your speech to suit them. Don’t make the mistake of saying raunchy stories of your escapades with the groom in a hall filled with relatives and old folks. While you may be able to pull off something very hilarious when you toll this part, remember that you are walking a very thin line and that you make the mistake of saying something that the crowd will find repugnant. It’s best to say things about how you became friend with the groom and focus on some of his admirable qualities. Say things that everyone in the room can relate to.
* Be audible and clear: If you are a fast talker, you need to practice talking at a pace that encourages comprehension. It’s absolutely pointless to give a very interesting speech that people cannot hear or comprehend. Pronounce words clearly and take things slowly. There is no need to rush. Often time’s people talk fast because they are nervous. Do not be nervous, bask in the moment and let your words be heard clearly.

* Incorporating humor: Do not feel pressured to incorporate humor. It is always best to let humor flow naturally. A foolproof approach will be to talk about things in the room. Jesting is the best way to crack people up. It’s always good to direct your jokes at the groom. However, make sure that your jokes are very modest and affectionate. I recommend that you practice your joke beforehand.
* Give all of the finest facts: Giving all of the finest facts about the event, the newlywed couple and some of the guests present is a great way to make your speech powerful. There is something magical about saying nice things about others. If you stick to this, you will create one of the warmest speeches ever while winning the hearts of everyone present. In fact, this is the ultimate recipe for a memorable speech.
* Way to make everyone emotional: This is the hallmark of a memorable wedding speech and it is quite easy to achieve. Essentially, you only have to focus on the high point or low point of your friend. Acknowledging late relatives and friends is another way to provoke an avalanche of emotions. However, ensure that you use the right words and make certain you keep it brief. A wedding is a happy event. Don’t ruin it by stirring up too much emotion.
* Don’t ask people to toast with empty glasses: It is expected that people have drinks in their cups when making a toast. Therefore it is best you inform the crowd that you are about to make a toast at which and then give a pause that allows them room to fill their glasses then you can now proceed to make a toast.

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