10 Ways To Give A Delightful Wedding Speech

Rehearsing in the living room is of little significance. By road test, we mean you should recite the speech at the reception site. Get to the venue of the reception and examine the acoustics. It is pointless reciting your speech endlessly if people can barely hear you, therefore, get a mic if need be. The wireless ones indicate that you can freely move around, however always place the ball of the mic underneath your mouth and point it towards your nose to evade ‘popping’ irrespective of the type of mic you have. It is needless to shout if you are using a mic. Make sure you put in place whatever equipment or technology required before the arrival of guests.

Rehearse your speech at every given chance especially if you have a poor memory as this will help you acquaint yourself with the flow of the speech. Whether you have a poor memory or a great one, we always encourage you to make use of cue cards. The reason is that weddings though amazing, can be uncanny sometimes. Cue cards make things easier for you and are not a source of distraction from the speech if used rightly. Provide at least two of your trustworthy friends with copies of your cue cards to carry on the day and be pleased that you have something penned.

For example, an awkward photo of the groom looking rejected does not necessarily mean a Powerpoint presentation. You can effortlessly press a button on your laptop while speaking and in the presence of people….these are clue cards. A couple of years back, everyone felt it was mandatory for them to make use of some kind of prop when giving a speech but that innovation is gone extinct. It’s best your creatively create hilarious photos that are connected to what you are dishing out. Make use of the help of a glamorous assistant in rehearsing before the wedding and also have a plan-B just in case or unforeseen circumstances.

Surprisingly, a good number of people you see giving speeches to a crowd of people or a congregation, all suffer from stage fright. For instance Adele, Megan Fox, Stephen Fry, Michael McIntyre and lots more. If those professionals do, then why won’t amateurs. Well, the key to surviving this is by pretending to be confident. When it’s about time for you to walk up the stage, stand up, and smile. While delivering your speech, make eye contact with people and keep up with a smiling face. You will be marveled at how relaxed you are.

Most times owing to anxiety and tension, people tend to talk fast while addressing a crowd of people. This isn’t professional as you are giving people the impression that you are tensed up. Try as much as possible to moderate the rate at which you talk, try as much as possible to talk half the speed as you would when you are chatting with your friends or colleagues at work. Add a pause to your scripts and split your clue cards to enable you to swap then when you pause to take a breath. Add a pause when you want to make a hilarious statement, if your joke doesn’t go down well, you can politely as for it with a ‘you’re meant to laugh there’. That will certainly get them laughing. Once you’ve been able to get them laughing, avoid talking over it. Patiently wait till the environment is quite once again before proceeding.

Not everyone has a friendly look; therefore, delivering your speech, endeavor to make eye contact with the right people especially when addressing them personally. Avoid looking at those filming you, or those busy with their phones or even those with sulky faces as these categories of people will quickly distract you. Ignore them.

Your listeners will possibly be made up of friends, strangers, kids, work colleagues, and grannies; thereby making it a bit difficult tailoring your speech to suit everyone’s sensitivities. In order to get across your audience, ensure you get your comedy right. They will certainly be anticipating some kind of comedy during your presentation, therefore avoid cracking rude, crude and humiliating jokes.

Most people do not do it right when it comes to toast. Make it clear if your toast is directed to someone or to a group of people by simply looking at the direction of the person or people. If you want the guests to join you in a toast, simply look at them and tell them what to do, for instance; “Please join me in drinking to my lovely mum Lillian” and then turn towards your mum as you say: “To Lillian!”

Irrespective of you who represent in the occasion, it vital and really nice to make speeches about love. You could make it more interesting by giving a comedy-like illustration. For instance, if the groom is a bad cook, he could reveal one of his many attempts at preparing a surprise meal for his wife, where everything got burnt or too spicy. These sorts of jokes do add some spice to the event with people getting all cracked up and entertained.

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