Bride Has Meltdown After Learning Husband’s Secret

Her jaw dropped to the floor when she heard the news. Within a time frame of just 2 hours, a New York woman’s life took a dramatic life changing turn. Her boyfriend proposed to her, they got engage and married on the same night. By the time Danny Rios and Nicole Carfagna got back from their trip to Disney World, the observed some lights in the backyard that wasn’t there when they left. When Nicole inquired from her spouse, he told her there was a lot more for her to see. Nicole stated that she had no idea what was happening. She narrated her magical Dec.8 events and noted that he asked her to stop when she tried to get her luggage from the car trunk. She narrated how he took her by the hand, opened the door and took her to the backyard.

To her greatest surprise, her family and friends were gathered in a huge tent. She taught it was a surprise birthday party organized to celebrate her since her birthday was only 4 days prior to that day. She noted that she started suspecting something else was up when she saw her mom in tears and her father standing all dressed up in a suit. Then she heard the DJ play Cold Play’s Fix You – which was her favorite song; then she knew it was definitely not a birthday party.

At this point, Danny took her by the hand and led her into the tent where he went down on a knee and asked her to marry him. It was the biggest shock of her life. She noticed tears already filled her eyes but her dad who was standing close to her advised her to take a deep breath. She said she probably would have sobbed through out.

She accepted and they got engaged. The new couple went around greeting guests and showing off the ring; shortly after which Danny asked her into the room for a private discussion. While professing his love for her, he dropped another surprise on her and asked her if she would love to get married on the same night. She admitted that she knew she would eventually get married to him.

Nicole had an inflammatory disease called lupus for over 6 years. This disease causes the immune system to attack its own tissues. An estimate of 1.5 million Americans have this disease today as estimated by the Lupus Foundation of America and as for Nicole, she had symptoms like; dizziness, joint pain, inflammation of the lungs, fatigue and heart that get exacerbated with stress.

Danny was well aware of the difficulties of planning a wedding and how the stress could affect her so he decided to do all he could to arrange a spur of the moment ceremony; picking out the dress with her mom as well as getting her father to get ordained all she had to do was just say yes! For the second time that night.

By the time Danny revealed his plans, she said yes over and over and over again. She noted that her sickness has caused her to miss a lot of things so she was so happy to become his wife. She stated that she was initially nervous but not anymore. He helped her take away the stress involved in the wedding planning and took the stress upon himself.

It was a secret so Nicole was not under any pressure to say yes on the day however, with the clock counting down, she got dressed for what was her big night. Her friends and family there helped her with her make up, hair, dress, jewelry etc.

There was an issue though, who would do her the honor of becoming her maid of honor. The good thing was her family got her covered and Nicole’s brother agreed to be the Man of honor. With that out of the way, all she had to do was walk down the aisle and get married.

She stated that it was the most amazing moment of her life. Surrounded by family and close friends. It was perfect and was so happy that her husband, Danny, planned all of it and she wouldn’t change any part of it for anything in the world.

She went on to narrate her fears of never finding one who understood her enough to settle down with her, especially because of her medical condition. She wants the world to know that that fairytale wedding we so much crave can still be ours even if you have Lupus or any other sickness. Sickness doesn’t imply that we have to be sad and miserable all through life.

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